Let’s add a little color to those wedding templates, eh? I figured this time I would utillize some of the pink and oranges that so many brides choose. I used a sketch I made a couple weekends ago when I was in the mountains, but still gave the overall piece some texture…

Wedding Template: Harvest

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Old Streets

Hi friends,

I’ve got another wedding template up. This one was inspired by an old photo of a street in Europe – Amsterdam I believe. I enjoyed putting together the illustration on this one with all the texture – yet I think it stayed very simple which is what I was aiming for.

Wedding Template #3: Old Streets

Now that I’m freelancing full-time, I’m going to get cranking through these templates…I hope. 😉

Keep checking back for more.

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New Wedding Template : Peacock

Just a quick hello to let you all know I have a new wedding template added to my library.

Wedding Template: Peacock

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Terpstras: On To Africa

As promised, I’m updating you all on the status of the Terpstra family’s logo, which is complete, or at least close to complete.

The image of the palm tree has a lot of meaning for the Terpstras, but is also a symbol of hope in Mozambique. The idea was to show a weathered palm tree (because come on folks, it’s Africa) but also one that will remind those following their journey to think of beautiful Mozambique and its beautiful people. The word INSPIRE encompasses the work they’ll be doing to inspire children, leaders, development…

So without further ado:


Again, you can follow the Terpstras on their journey to Africa as well:



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Without A Hitch

I have been working with my friend Paige (we know each other from our days as Lambkins in high school and Pumas in junior high school) to create a logo for her wedding planning company. This has been such a fun project. When Paige and I met she explained her random assortment of thoughts and mostly emphasized she wants this logo to be retro and fun, yet professional. I think really what it came down to is that it needed to reflect Paige’s personality, which is spunky and sweet. She’s got red hair, wears her signature red lipstick and drives a bright yellow Yaris. Need I say more?

We played through some fun ideas which incorporated a naval hitch knot, a champagne glass and a lipstick tube, but decided on something a bit more simple, but still POPS.

hitch logo3

Actually, Paige decided she liked a few of the logos we came up with so she also wants to try to use this one in some of her branding as well:

hitch logo3

So there you have it. Now for all of you gettin’ hitched and need a planner…check her out on facebook: http://tinyurl.com/kjmp7z

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Hi Friends,

So I’ve been busy working on a lot of fun projects lately, but I’m waiting to wrap them up before I share.

I have, however, created some t-shirt designs for Timberline Church’s youth group, which is called “Illuminate”. This shirt is specifically for a fall retreat they have coming up and the design needed to be turned around quickly. They chose the first one as their retreat design, but also want to find some way to use the second one as well. I wanted to share all the designs, plus the last one is my favorite. Have a peek:




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Selina Rahatara

I just did a business card design for a good friend’s mom, Selina Rahatara. I remember going to Sabrina’s house when I was younger and being amazed by these huge vibrant watercolors hanging all over their house. Their house was like a gallery for her mother’s art. I loved that. Selina is an accomplished artist in Fort Collins and frequently exhibits and sells her paintings in shows. She also teaches printmaking classes – which I would love to attend! Sabrina decided it was about time for her mom to have a business card so I worked with her to create one. Honestly, I didn’t do much because I simply had beautiful art to work with. I thought I’d share and also point you to Selina’s website so you can see more of her artwork: selinarahatara.com

Selina Card

Selina Card Back

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typography and aw tozer

Just a little design something I threw together last week. I think it would be sweet to screenprint this design to make little posters. Figured I’d post for the sake of posting something new. Enjoy.


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Recently, I joined forces with Josh Barrett in order to put together a print ad for one of his clients. Lisa is the creator of Truffnies, which are the perfect blend of brownies and truffles. We got together and did a photo shoot of her wonderfully delicious chocolate to use for a holiday print ad which will go in a local magazine or two. The shoot took several hours on Tuesday, but Josh got some great shots for me to work with…and I think I have a brand new appreciation for food stylists out there. This was a fun one and want you all to do yourself a favor and go to truffnies.com to order yourself a box. You can thank me later.

Truffnies Holiday Ad

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Logo in the works

I’ve been meeting with Dave Terpstra over the last month or so and collaborating on some design. We’ve been brainstorming, with John Miller, the idea of a brand that contains all of the ministries the Terpstras will be involved with in Africa. I think we’re pretty close on the logo, but I’m going to wait until Dave makes that a public announcement to unveil. For now, I just thought I’d share an initial sketch. It doesn’t look like this anymore, but thought this is enough to wet your tastebuds until a later post. If you know the Terpstras and you know Mozambique, the palm tree really makes perfect sense…

palm outline

Follow along with Dave and Amy…

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