i know this blog has been quite silent since the holidays, but that’s because amazing things are coming! we are working working working to unveil {ampersand}’s beautiful new wedding website!


as of this weekend, it shall be up and running thanks to countless hours and late nights from dan garza, lauren owen, greg owen and myself. (and i can’t forget my husband nate, who lets me bounce ideas off him all the time) no words do enough justice to say how thankful i am for everyone’s efforts. its going to be amazing.

i’ve also been making some client connections and have a few branding projects in the hopper. i can’t wait to show you those as well. all in due time friends!


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Merry Christmas

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Red Jeweled Media

One of the latest projects I’ve worked on is for Jennifer Finke – the owner of Red Jeweled Media, a PR firm. Jennifer has been running her own PR business for 5 years now and figured it was time for a new name and some rebranding. I helped develop her logo and a few design elements for her website. Below you’ll find her new logo and web banner. Visit www.redjeweledmedia.squarespace.com to learn more about the services Jenny offers!

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So I’ve added several new templates in the past week or so. I decided I would just highlight one of them and then point you over to my template page for you to see the rest, if you’d like.

I really love how this one turned out and I love its flexibility as far as the color possibilities goes. Everything on this template can change to reflect any wedding color palette. Plus I was able to use one of my old illustrations of a little sparrow that I love.

The other two templates utilize some of Nate’s and my own photography. The night sky one is Nate’s and the balloon photo is mine. Enjoy!

Check out my other templates at: http://brandigaluzzi.wordpress.com/wedding-invitation-templates/

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The A Game

Another project I’ve been working on lately is a branding and curriculum package for a company called The A Game. My friends at The A Game have created this program for training teens with 7 workplace values. The whole idea is to help young people understand what is expected of them as they enter into their first jobs and to connect them to exceptional employment opportunities to prepare them for the future. In the past few weeks we’ve created direct mail pieces, posters, certificates and other curriculum pieces. Here are a few examples – and remember to check them out at theagame.com.

postcard front

Employer PC

Accountability Divider

Activity Page


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Another wedding template to share! This one uses a lot more subtle colors (though of course they can be changed to match any color scheme) but I loved how it turned out.

Wedding Template: Chandelier

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Truffnies Logo

Lately I’ve been partnering with Lisa Hemphill, aka Chocolate Lisa, to create a logo for her handmade Truffnies. We’ve gone through a handful of ideas and landed with this one.

Truffnies Logo

Visit Lisa on the web to order yourself some Truffnies! They are ohmygoodness scrumptious. www.truffnies.com

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Old Fashioned

Here’s another template folks! I know, you must be thinking this is all I work on these days. Not entirely true…I have been working on some other projects that have not been wrapped up yet. I’ll show those in due time. For now enjoy this template inspired by some silhouette pictures I received from my grandma and an old typography book I bought while in Virginia.

Wedding Template : Old Fashioned

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Washington Park

Hi folks! It’s a winter wonderland outside my window and the snowed-in feelings sparked a new wedding template. This one is extra special as it features photography by my husband, Nate! I was talking with a friend the other day and we were wondering aloud as to why wedding invites rarely use photography? I think this specific one would work so well for a stunning winter celebration! I hope you all enjoy – and trust me, there will be more with my husband’s work to come!

Wedding Template: Washington Park

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Bright Cheer

Yet again, another {ampersand} wedding template. I’m recycling some old design work and throwing in those bright summer colors over a damask-type pattern. The entire color scheme on this one would be editable in order to fit any wedding’s colors…

Wedding Template: Bright Cheer

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