q is for quiver

q is for quiver.

i’m back and apparently colorado has decided winter isn’t quite over yet. we flew down through the clouds and landed to see the fields surrounding DIA covered in snow. go figure.

today’s illustration is a little shout out to all those hunger games fans out there! may the odds be ever in your favor.

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TNL – Message from the Mount

In God’s redemptive pursuit of humanity he invites us through the person and the teaching of Jesus to once again be whole: to have a combined interior of belief and trust with an exterior that displays the kingdom of God in our everyday lives.

For the season of Lent, TNL Church has been listening carefully to the words of Jesus known as the “Sermon on the Mount.” Here is the design for the series.

And here is the matching Lenten prayer card:

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p is for pig

p is for pig.

this porky pig is dedicated to my brother-in-law, brenden. sorry it isn’t a butcher chart, but i ran out of time!

cheers from d.c.,



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o is for owl

o is for owl.

i feel like i’ve done owls for various projects, but i wanted this one to be a bit more stylistic. this is my take on a snowy owl…think hedwig from HP.  i wanted to use some pattern or stripes, so here you have it:

i’m traveling tomorrow (off to the district!), so i am uncertain that i will make my next couple posts on time. “p is for” will show up as soon as i have time to make it.



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n is for nate

n is for nate.

and not just any nate. nate galuzzi, cpa-by-day-photog-by-night-extraordinaire! these days, my husband is slaving away on everybody and their mom’s taxes so i don’t see as much of him as i’d like. luckily, it is only a season. and the season to come is filled with lots of time off and a road trip to the grand canyon! nate is also an amazing photographer, as i’ve mentioned before, and you can check out some of his work: www.nategaluzzi.com. he is my favorite person and he constantly fills my life with hilarity and love.

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m is for monster

m is for monster.

and this monster has sporks for hands. happy monday.

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l is for lime

l is for lime.

it is 75 degrees outside and i’m ready for summer! today’s illustration features my favorite little citrus. some of my favorite treats are made with lime: key lime pie, limeade, chimichurri sauce, gin and tonics…just to name a few. bon appetit! i hope you all have a lovely weekend.



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k is for kaleidoscope

k is for kaleidoscope.

this was a fun experiment in shape and color and it kind of reminds me of a quilt design. it would be fun to make a whole series of kaleidoscope patterns. i’ll keep that in my back pocket for when this project ends. i hope you enjoy!


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j is for jellyfish

j is for jellyfish.

jellyfish are weird. on one hand they are strangely beautiful, but on the other…they kind of creep me out. this picture is dedicated to bobby, cameron and jackie. maybe i can be inducted into the jellyfish of the week club? not much more to say about that.

xo brandi

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Hanson & Co.

i’m excited to show you all a website i designed that has finally gone live! when i was first approached by Hanson & Co., they didn’t even have their logo on their website! i’m so glad i had the opportunity to work with them to create a stronger web presence for their company. a special thanks to tim nice for coding the site.

plus, i was able to do some fun custom illustrations for Hanson & Co., which can be seen on the various headers throughout the site.

the illustration i am most proud of is the caricatures of the shareholders.

i love that they let me create a really fun design for their firm instead of traditional (read: boring) website. take it from me, these are no boring CPA’s. after all, my husband works there and he is far from boring: www.nategaluzzi.com

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