I took another Skillshare class, this one taught by the amazingly talented Lydia Nichols. I loved every moment of it. We were tasked with illustrating one of our favorite places and I decided to do a tribute to my home. Oh Denver, how I love the….let me count the microbrews.

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O wells, bless the Lord

A little illustration I made based on this passage from the Book of Common Prayers:

“O wells, bless the Lord,
and seas and floods,
and whales,
and all that move in the waters,
bless the Lord: praise and magnify God forever.”

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I totally forgot!! I joined a co-ed softball team in the fall and I got to design two team logos. They’re random and fun. Just thought I’d share because now that it’s 0º outside, all I can cling to are the happy memories of playing 2B and losing most of our games.


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vintage rentals

I had the honor to create a design for the owner, curator, and stylist Christy Nagel, of Vintage Rentals Denver.

Vintage Rentals Denver is the ideal choice for weddings, special events, and photography staging. Brides, event planners, photographers, and ultimate party hosts alike will find something to make their day sparkle. Based in Denver and making magic across Colorado.

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Been doing a lot of fun projects for MOPS International so I thought I’d share a few…

Here are a couple e-newsletter banners and a print ad.



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Fun event logos

I worked on a few logos for some events going on around TNL Church. I loved how they turned out and figured I’d share.

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I recently stumbled across Skillshare and have taken a few classes there. I love that I can learn from talented artists who live in different places and for super affordable “tuition.” You should check it out – they offer all sorts of classes, not just design.

My first class was taught by Dominic Flask of Dangerdom Studios. We focused on creating badges or icons using simple shape. I decided to do a series of garden markers. I was really excited with out they turned out and enjoyed the challenge to simplify more complex shapes.


The most recent class I took was taught by one of my favorite illustrators, Glenn Thomas of The Fox & King. I seriously got to geek out and watch hours of tutorials on his project workflow. What a wealth of illustration knowledge! We were assigned the task of creating album art for any artist of our choosing. I picked Josh Garrels because he is just soulful and his lyrics create these beautiful images.

Maybe he’ll see this image and decide he wants me to design something for his next album… 😉 A girl can dream.


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D is for diver…and this deep diver is in deep trouble…

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Ladybird Poppy

This is just a fun little collaboration with Sarah from Ladybird Poppy Floral Design. I drew Mister Fox and she arranged the flowers for this promo card of hers. I thought it was fun, so figured I’d share!

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I thought about creating a crazy cat lady, but instead today’s character is my interpretation of the cunning cat burglar…Catwoman.

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