Without A Hitch

I have been working with my friend Paige (we know each other from our days as Lambkins in high school and Pumas in junior high school) to create a logo for her wedding planning company. This has been such a fun project. When Paige and I met she explained her random assortment of thoughts and mostly emphasized she wants this logo to be retro and fun, yet professional. I think really what it came down to is that it needed to reflect Paige’s personality, which is spunky and sweet. She’s got red hair, wears her signature red lipstick and drives a bright yellow Yaris. Need I say more?

We played through some fun ideas which incorporated a naval hitch knot, a champagne glass and a lipstick tube, but decided on something a bit more simple, but still POPS.

hitch logo3

Actually, Paige decided she liked a few of the logos we came up with so she also wants to try to use this one in some of her branding as well:

hitch logo3

So there you have it. Now for all of you gettin’ hitched and need a planner…check her out on facebook: http://tinyurl.com/kjmp7z


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