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it has been a while since i’ve shown some projects i’ve had up my sleeve. i’ve created a few new logos and would love to share!

this first one is for a dear friend of mine who is a fulbright scholar in peru. she is helping to create a community of women called Mujeres Unidas de Candelaria. the women are learning skills and trades to help bring money into their community and support their families. you can read more about the development of that community on sabrina’s blog or you can watch this video.

the next logo is for a couple i know, matt and molly smith, who want to start a blog called Unbalance: the art of harnessing chaos. they will be writing about how they harness chaos in their own lives with sport, community, work, etc.

and lastly, i’ve been working with a friend i knew back in my high school days. she’s is an amazingly talented artist herself and her love is fashion design. alex is working on launching her own collection which she calls cityParc: cultured couture. from boutique to boardroom, she creates apparel that takes professional/creative women from day to night. i can’t wait to share more as she launches a website and reveals her line!


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